Kathleen Winter's newest poetry collection is published

October 19, 2020

"In her new collection, Kathleen Winter moves between the past and the present by magically weaving moments from her own life with those of figures like Henry VIII, John the Baptist, Wolfgang Beurer, and Hieronymus Bosch. That global vision extends to the settings of the poems as well. Winter takes us on an amazing odyssey that migrates from the Sonoma to the Pazyryk Valley to Port Aransas to Luberon to the Colorado Flats to Zurich to Maryland to Italy's Ligurian Riveria to the Rhode Island Sound to San Francisco. Just as the poems travel through cities and countries, so too do they venture through a vast terrain of poetic forms and an array of emotional landscapes. Like the best journeys, everything in this book feels fresh yet purposeful. A tour de force, TRANSFORMER is a masterpiece of literary accomplishment."—Dean Rader