Celebrating Native American Heritage Month

November 20, 2020

A member of the Sonoma State faculty since 1998, Reeder also chairs the Modern Language and Literatures department and teaches Spanish courses in Cultural Studies, Linguistics, Teacher Education, and Translation as well as the occasional introductory course in Portuguese. He is currently Faculty Associate Dean of the School of Arts & Humanities and is active in faculty governance and in the union.

Inspired by family connections in the Choctaw Nation in Indian Territory (today the state of Oklahoma), he has a keen interest in cultural studies and practices and combines that with his interest in archery to research, maintain, and revitalize practices, products, and procedures of traditional archery as practiced pre-contact. He is eager to share these essential cultural practices that were fundamental in our ancestors’ ability to obtain food, provide protection, and enjoy recreation.

He looks forward to further developing and expanding Native American Studies at Sonoma State and to deepen connections with local and regional communities and jurisdictions in better service of the mission.