Arts Tech: Maker Courses

Our Arts Tech courses are practical courses that prepare students of all disciplines with skills that will enhance their academic portfolio to help them succeed in the 21st century job market.

ARTS 105 Media Art Fundamentals

Computer Dot Face

MediaArt Fundamentals is a foundation course exposing students to the various software applications used in media art production. Students will gain experience with the creation of still and moving images, sound recording, online presentations and digital printing. Lab fee payable at time of registration

ARTS 101 Art Fundamentals

Foundation Sketch

Basic Design. A studio course in the study of form, color, and composition in 2-dimensional art; rendering of 3-dimensional objects from observation using line and values; and principles of perspective. Basic requisite course for studio courses on the 200 level.

COMS 201 Video Production


A course for beginning video students. Assignments include: creation of skits and music videos; and conducting interviews using DV camcorders. Students also do a final creative project of their own.

COMS 326 Scriptwriting for TV

Computer Movie Clapboard

Course focuses on fundamentals of writing professional-level scripts for video, television, and film productions. Assignments include lab work and homework producing scripts for storyboards for Public Service Announcements (PSAs), commercials, news packages, documentaries, corporate and educational training programs, and dramatic screenplays.

THAR 101 Making Theatre


This course is an overview of the art and practice of making theatre. Designed for non-majors, the class examines the various elements involved in creating, developing, performing, and presenting a theatrical event. Through lecture, guest speakers, hands-on projects, video, and demonstrations, students gain an appreciation of the artistry of live theatre performance. Satisfies GE Area C1 (Applied Arts Combining Studio and Theory).

THAR 143A Stagecraft


Work in both theory and practice covers scenery construction techniques and drawings for the theatre. Use of tools and materials for scenery, costumes, props, and lighting will be fundamental to the course.