Meet our new Art Studio faculty member, Sena Clara Creston

July 20, 2020
Sena Clara Creston

Sena Clara Creston is an interactive installation artist whose work focuses on the impact light, movement, and materials have on art. The Willow of the Waste beckons and traps the viewer inside a plastic tree-cage that breathes with organic, mechanical movements. The Plastic Garden responds to the viewer’s actions with enticing and apprehensive gestures. The Huminal searches for intruders; voicing its displeasure, fear and aggression. The viewer is forced to either retreat apologetically, or defend their position in this mediated environment. The Umbrellaship was built with support from Artist Trust to be reminiscent of a childlike dream vessel and question our acceptance of the status quo. Light and animation brings sculptures to life, so how they are made should make sense within the imaginary world from which they come. Creston uses repurposed materials to seduce the viewer into a familiar fantasy while illuminating social choices.