A&H Student Video Contest

May 1, 2020
Spencer Causey

We are pleased and proud to announce the final winner of our Arts and Humanities video contest, Spencer Causey.  You may remember that Spencer was featured in a "Student Spotlight" previously and we encouraged him to edit a portion of his excellent video and enter the contest.  You can still see the full version archived on our "Spotlight" page as well as how he created the video.  Congratulations Spencer and good luck with rest of your semester and the summer!

Thank you to all our students who participated in the contest who showed us your creativity and perserverence during this challenging, disruptive and often stressful period of your collegiate experience.  You showed us your resilience, humor and creativity which we will carry with us as we all make our way through the end of the semester and beyond.  Best of luck to all of you and remember we are here for you even if it is from a distance.