Christine Cali opens new dance show PERFECT.RESPONSE

November 15, 2023
Christine Cali

Associate Professor Christine Cali, co-Director of SSU’s Dance program, opens their sabbatical show PERFECT.RESPONSE, performing at the Joe Goode Annex in San Francisco, Nov. 30 - Dec. 2. 

This evening of dance, live music, community connection, and transformation is presented by Prof. Cali’s company CALI & CO dance with The Welcome Matt.

PERFECT. explores perfectionism and its impacts on the individual body, and the collective body, and seeks to dismantle notions of standards and norms (whose standards, whose norms!?)

RESPONSE. researches the space between stimuli and response; seeking what is possible in the pause, the breath, the moment, the choice…




PERFECT.RESPONSE includes current SSU Dance major Madyline Jaramillo; Dance alums Moriah Costa, Rian Dixon, Jenna Valez; Theatre Arts alum Francelle Mariano; and Dance alum and adjunct faculty Farrah McAdam


Show Dates and Times: 
7:30pm Nightly

Thursday, 11/30 | Friday, 12/1 | Saturday, 12/2