Dr. Megan McIntyre Helps Build Digital Archive of Important Historical Event

August 26, 2021
Megan McIntyre

Writing Program Director and Assistant Professor of English, Dr. Megan McIntyre worked with Dr. Annette Vee from the University of Pittsburgh to build a digital archive of the 1966 Dartmouth Seminar

The 1966 Dartmouth Seminar is seen by many disciplinary historians as the beginning of rhetoric and composition as a discipline as well as an important event in the history of English education in the US and UK. -- Megan McIntyre
image from Dartmouth Seminar

[David Pierce Studio. "Anglo American Seminar on the Teaching and Learning of English." Dartmouth College Photographic Files, 1966. Dartmouth Digital Library Program, collections.dartmouth.edu/archive/object/PhotoFiles/PhotoFiles-icon1647-0067-0000001.]