What is SYRCE?

SYRCE, Second Year Research and Creative Experience, is a constellation of courses designed for second year students to fulfill the requirements of General Education in area C2, "Literature, Philosophy, & Values." This one-semester course offers students a multi-disciplinary approach to a common topic based on the idea of the Time Machine, set to a different decade in the past for each academic year. Throughout the semester, students attend a series of lectures delivered by faculty members from all Arts & Humanities disciplines.

In addition, students attend weekly seminars in which they debrief the given lectures, explore discipline specific material, and workshop research and creative projects focused on some aspect of the general topic. The SYRCE Time Machine seeks to foster collaboration, creativity, research, modeling, and mentoring amongst students and faculty alike in an effort to engage the whole student in all of us. The experience culminates at the end of the semester in a symposium held in the Green Music Center, where students showcase their accomplishments.