SYRCE Symposium

SYRCE Poster Fall 2019 - click to zoomFall 2019 "The '70s!"

Tuesday, December 10th, 2019

11:00 AM: Doors Open to Public 

GMC Weill Hall

11-1 PM: Exhibition Open to Public

11:30-12: Weill Stage Welcome and Performances

12-12:40: Green Room Presentations

12:45: Reception, East Gallery

1 PM: Doors Close to Public

Symposium Program by Discipline


  • What a Time Magazine (Magazine Display, Western Gallery)
  • Groovy, 70's Music Magazine (Magazine Display, Western Gallery)
  • Strum the Influence (Podcast, Western Gallery)
  • Collection of Challenges of Being a Woman (Scrapbook Display, Western Gallery)
  • Soul Food (Poster Session, Western Gallery)
  • African American Authors in the 1970s (Poster Session, Western Gallery)
  • Magazine "Stylin" (Magazine Display, Western Gallery)
  • Black Panthers & Gangs (Poster Session, Western Gallery)
  • Black Women Throughout the 70's (Magazine Display, Western Gallery)
  • The Icons and Movements That Defined 70's Style (Poster Session, Western Gallery)
  • Women's Rights from 70's to Now (Poster Session, Western Gallery)
  • Activists in Sports (Poster Session, Western Gallery)
  • Black Influence on Fashion in the 70's (Poster Session, Western Gallery) 


  • Behind the Groove: Uncovering the Moves of the Seventies (Exhibition, Eastern Gallery)


  • Stereotypes within Latinx Children's Shows (Poster Session, Wester Gallery)
  • Curanderismo in Latino Communities (Canvas Painting, Western Gallery)
  • Latinx Horror Movies from the 1970s (Poster Session, Western Gallery)
  • Latinx Music in the 1970s (Poster and Laptop Session, Western Gallery)
  • Police Brutality Against Chicano Folks (Poster Session, Western Gallery)
  • Young Lords (Art Sculpture, Western Gallery)
  • Latina Women Reproductive Issues (Table Session, Western Gallery)
  • The Mission District (Video Display, Western Gallery)
  • Latinx Stereotypes in 1970s Advertising (Poster and Video Session, Western Gallery)
  • Fashion in the 1970s vs. Modern Day (Video Display, Western Gallery)
  • Latinx and Education in the 1970s (Poster Session, Western Gallery)
  • Immigration from Mexico in the 1970s (Poster Session, Western Gallery)
  • Chicano Imprisoned Activists (Small Exhibit/Poster Session, Western Gallery)
  • Oscar "Zeta" Acosta (Art Sculpture, Western Gallery)
  • The Forgotten People Within the Grape Vines (Poster Session, Western Gallery)
  • Chicano Rock 'N' Roll from the 1970s (Art Piece, Western Gallery)
  • Galería de la Raza (Poster Session, Western Gallery)
  • Mujeres Muralistas (Poster Session, Western Gallery)
  • Farm Workers in the 1970s (Poster Session, Western Gallery)
  • Sports in the 1970s (Poster Session, Western Gallery)


  • Technology in the '70s (Digital Projection, Western Gallery)
  • '70s Fashion Development: A Zine (Zine Display, Western Gallery)
  • We're the Women (Digital Projection, Weill Hall Stage)
  • Life for People of Color During the 1970s (Podcast, Western Gallery)
  • Diseases of Famous Icons in the 1970s (Poster Board Display, Western Gallery)
  • Fashion from the 1970s (Handmade Clothing Pieces, Western Gallery)
  • Art in the 70s Protests and Graffitti (Poster Session, Western Gallery)
  • The Fundamentals of Star Wars (Poster Session, Western Gallery)
  • 1970s Fashion (Poster Session, Western Gallery)
  • The Streets of New York in the 1970s (Documentary Film, Green Room)
  • Killer Scraps (Scrapbook, Western Gallery)
  • The Birth of the First Test Tube Baby (Video Projecton, Western Gallery)
  • Disco (Prezi Presentation, Western Gallery)
  • Fashion of the 1970s Political Movements (Digital Session, Western Gallery)
  • What's Right, What's Wrong (Digital Projection, Western Gallery)
  • 70s Makeup: From Natural to Glam (Interactive Display, Western Gallery)
  • I Want a Female Nurse! (Interactive Display, Western Gallery)
  • One Taste... And You're No Longer a Gringo (Video Projection, Western Gallery)
  • The Better Man in the Ring (Magazine Display, Western Gallery)
  • The Highs and the Lows After Dark (Poster Session, Western Gallery)
  • The Rejection of Sex (Video Projection, Western Gallery)
  • The Battle of the (Fashion) Elites (Book Display, Western Gallery)
  • A New Kind of Magazine (Magazine Display, Western Gallery)
  • She's the Man (Joan Jett) (Guitar Display, Western Gallery)
  • Good for the Soul (and Society) (Interactive Display, Western Gallery)
  • Surfing Culture in the 1970s (Interactive Display, Western Gallery)
  • The Weekly Watch Newspaper (Newspaper Display, Western Gallery)
  • We Are What We Eat: Culinary Tour of the 70s (Video Projection, Western Gallery)
  • Luck of the Irish - Boston Celtics in the 70s (Sports Program, Western Gallery)
  • Yet Untitled (Interactive Display, Western Gallery)
  • Apple's Personal Computers (Interactive Display, Western Gallery)
  • Yet Untitled (Interactive Display, Western Gallery)
  • Rupert Garcia and Chicano Political Arts Movements (Original Portrait Display, Western Gallery)


  • Notes to Lebanon (Digital Projection, Western Gallery)
  • Iranian Revolution (Poster Session, Western Gallery)
  • Iranian Revolution and Women's Rights in the 1970s (Visual Projection, Weill Hall Stage)
  • The Great Satan & the Axis of Evil: Iranian and US Relations in the 1970s (Visual Projection, Green Room)
  • Nawal El Saadawi: Debunking Female Hysteria in 1970s Egypt (Poster Board Display, Western Gallery)
  • Poems: Through the Eyes of 1970s Iranian People (Poster Session, Western Gallery) 


  • Tradeshow: Return of the 70s (Marketing Display, Lobby) 
  • Influences on Fashion in the 1970s (Painting on Clothing, Lobby)
  • Recreating "Let it Bleed" (Sculpture, Lobby)
  • Stayin' Fly in the 70s (Fashion Display, Lobby)
  • *Thoughts in my Bhead (Performance, Weill Stage)
  • 27 Club in the Style of Pop Art (Painting, Lobby)
  • Fashion Show of 70s Inspired Looks (Video, Lobby)
  • A Beautiful Day on Sesame Street (Songbook, Lobby)
  • Shake It (Music Video, Lobby)
  • Defining a Decade (Music Video, Lobby)
  • Redux: A Sample Platter (Music Medley, Lobby)
  • 70s Yearbook (Music Album and Cover, Lobby)
  • London Calling - To the Imitation Game (Lecture, Green Room)
  • Guitar Art (Sculpture, Lobby)
  • Every Day People: Racial Integration Through Music (Picturebook, Lobby)


  • Gallery Exhibit


  • The Truth Behind Punk (Performance, Weill Stage)
  • Whole Lotta Fun (Film, Green Room)
  • Punk, Feminism, & Queer Society: The 1970s (Trivia Game, Lobby)
  • Zine of the 70s (Magazine, Lobby)
  • A Conversation (Video Display, Lobby)
  • Latinx Identify in the 1970s (Performance Art, Lobby)
  • 70s Punk Teen Bedroom (Art Installation, Lobby)