A Time of New Beginnings and Renewed Friendships

August 2, 2022

Some of my fondest and most enduring memories are of my first months as a new student on a CSU campus- making friendships that would last a lifetime. Being exposed to new ideas. Discovering my passions.

This fall, I will have the pleasure of watching hundreds of first-year students begin that same journey at Sonoma State University. What an exciting time! It will also be an exciting year for many of our returning students who, for the first time since the Covid crisis began, will be experiencing a fully reopened campus, brimming with activities and opportunities.

The talented faculty and staff of the School of Arts and Humanities are ready to welcome all of our students, help them succeed, and set them on a path of knowledge and self-discovery. Our many disciplines offer students the chance to explore fresh perspectives, learn valuable skill sets, feed their creative impulses, and become critical thinkers.

Throughout the year, one of my goals will be to draw more attention to the many programs, events and special people housed in the School of Arts and Humanities. Whether it’s live performances, public forums on topics ranging from literature to social justice, learning a new language, or enjoying the fascinating exhibits in our wonderful art gallery, A&H offers a wide and exciting variety of ways for both our students and the community around us to engage.

And if you’re someone thinking of attending SSU in a future semester, I strongly encourage you to explore our A&H webpages and reach out to our departments whenever you need some information or have questions. We’re here to help.

Best wishes for a successful and enriching academic year!

Ed Beebout
Interim Dean
The School of Arts and Humanities