Departments & Programs

Following is a list of programs and departments in the School of Arts and Humanities. Please consult the department for further information. 

American Multicultural Studies

Dept. Office: Nichols Hall 214
Phone: 707.664.2486
Administrative Coordinator: Rosa Flores Celestino | Rosa's Zoom Meeting Room

University Art Gallery

Dept. Office:  Art 101
Phone: 707.664.2295
Administrative Coordinator: Claudia Molloy

Art Studio & Art History

Dept. Office: Art 128 
Phone: 707.664.2146
Administrative Coordinator:  Leigh McTaggart 

Art Tech: Aimee Graham | Aimee's Zoom Meeting Room
Art Tech: Shannon Edwards Shannon's Zoom Meeting Room


Chicano and Latino Studies

Dept. Office: Nichols Hall 214
Phone: 707.664.2486
Administrative Coordinator: RRosa Flores Celestino | Rosa's Zoom Meeting Room

Communication & Media Studies

Dept. Office: Nichols Hall 364 
Phone: 707.664.2149
Administrative Coordinator: Shelly Stephens Shelly’s Zoom Meeting Room


Dept. Office: Nichols Hall 362
Phone: 707.664.2140
Administrative Coordinator: Kate Sims Kate's Zoom Meeting Room


Hutchins School of Liberal Studies 

Dept. Office: Rachel Carson Hall 44 
Phone: 707.664.2491
Administrative Coordinator: Billie Johnson 

Modern Languages & Literatures 

Dept. Office: Carson Hall 18
Phone: 707.664.2351
Administrative Coordinator: Rosa Flores Celestino | Rosa's Zoom Meeting Room

Music & Music Studio

Dept. Office: Green Music Center 2040
Phone: 707.664.2324
Administrative Coordinator: Brooke Tester 

Native American Studies

Department Office:  Nichols Hall 214
Phone:  707.664.2486


Dept. Office:  Nichols Hall 364
Phone: 707.664.2149
Administrative Coordinator:

Academic Support: Shelly Stephens | Shelly’s Zoom Meeting Room

Budget Support:  Kate Sims | Kate's Zoom Room

Theatre Arts & Dance 


Dept. Office: Ives Hall 206

Phone: 707.664.2474

Administrative Coordinator: Douangta Sorensen