Philosophy Lecturer Anthony Wright publishes chapter in Cambridge Scholars Anthology

April 29, 2021


Philosophy Lecturer, Anthony Wright, published a chapter in Cambridge Scholars Anthology "A Fractal Epistemology for a Scientific Psychology".  The chapter is titled "Hidden In Plain Sight: Fractals in Transpersonal Psychology: As the Sky Holds a Cloud." 


"How are we to successfully attend to (beyond “thinking about”) the experience of becoming transpersonal? And, by implication and metaphor, find utility in fractal mathematics as a bridge to epistemology? By understanding the futility of attempting to describe the transpersonal with measurement, language, or concepts, in efforts of prediction and control. There is an old story about the Buddha pointing to the moon. Many people make the error of looking at the pointing finger...

...I speculatively suggest that when we become functionally transparent, infinitely bounded human portals, like the Koch Snowflake; in other words, where we “forget” ourselves in a state of “flow,” what was “our” (individual) awareness, expands beyond human limits, and beyond limits of time and space. At last, awareness which is “wisdom” beyond “knowing” then becomes what there is, just in this moment... As the sky holds a cloud." - Anthony Wright