SSU scholars shine at the NCWCA 2023 conference

April 26, 2023

Reflecting, Rewriting & Recovering: April 1, 2023 | University of California, Merced

On April 1, 2023, the Northern California Writing Centers Association (NCWCA) held its first in-person conference in three years on the topic of “Reflecting, Rewriting & Recovering.” Under the supervision and guidance of Loriann Negri, Director of LARC, Sakina Bryant, Faculty Director of the Writing Center and Lecturer for the English Department,  and Hayden Kinney, Assistant Director of the Writing Center, and M.A. (English), seven Sonoma State University scholars created and facilitated dynamic presentations for the conference. They are Siraj Ali, M.A.(English); Leah Chavez, undergraduate (English); Michelle Jones, M.A. (English); Jack Van Dine, (English); Barbara Beatie, M.A. (English); Meghan Berggren, undergraduate (Philosophy); Claire Wilson, undergraduate (English).

Sparking inspiration from the themes of “Reflecting, Rewriting & Recovering,” these SSU scholars posited thoughtful new perspectives on current issues in writing practice while engaging packed sessions of Writing Center Directors, faculty members, administrators, students, and other participants engaged in Higher Education and literacy across the West Coast. 

The program can be found here. The three sessions SSU students presented were:


When Things Fall Apart for Tutors: Reflecting and Learning from Sessions Where We Cannot Do Enough
Michelle Jones, Sonoma State University, MA (English)
Jack Van Dine, Sonoma State University, MA (English)
Barbara Beatie (not pictured), Sonoma State University, MA (English)





Plagued by Doubt: Regrounding Ourselves as Writers Who Love Writing  by Reimaging Our Writing Center Practices and Writing through Imposter Syndrome
Barbara Beatie, Sonoma State University, MA (English)
Jack Van Dine, Sonoma State University, Undergraduate (English)
Meghan Berggren, Sonoma State University, Undergraduate (Philosophy)
Claire Wilson, Sonoma State University, Undergraduate (English)




The Spotlight Can Swivel: Racist Assumptions About the Tutor
Leah Chavez, Sonoma State University, Undergraduate (English)

Siraj Ali, Sonoma State University, MA (English)