Suzanne Toczyski

Suzanne Toczyski, Professor of French, shares her insights on the affects of the pandemic as it relates to her ongoing research of Bishop Francis de Sales.Read the full story >

Mike Ezra

American Multicultural Studies Professor, Dr. Mike Ezra shares his perspective on the protests and how it relates to his work on Muhammad Ali in three different media platforms.Read the full story >

Congratulations to Arts & Humanities 2020 Graduates!

We want to congratulate you all on this outstanding accomplishment during a year that had many challenges and trials that tested your tenacity and resilience and we could not be more proud.  We wish you all the best as you venture out to make your way into this next stage in your lives. Please take with you these inspirational words from our student commencent speakers Raymundo Lopez and Jennifer Juarez Yoc to keep you hopeful and focused on your dreams!  Good luck and stay safe!

Graduates at Dawn


Raymundo Lopez

Jennifer Juarez Yoc


Welcome to the School of Arts & Humanities!

In the short term, our faculty and students are meeting online to provide a transformative education under unexpected circumstances. We take pride in the close attention our students get from our exceptional faculty — in normal times this would take place in classrooms, in studios, on the stage, in practice rooms and ensemble settings, and in one-on-one exchanges. Now, we continue this mentoring virtually.  

As always, our departments offer a variety of degree programs, including a range of Bachelor of Arts, a Bachelor of Fine Arts, a Bachelor of Music, several minors and three Master of Arts degrees.  In addition, students can earn skill-based certificates that supplement their degrees. Our faculty members are award-winning teachers who are also leaders in their fields. Students learn by making, performing and by reflecting on life-changing ideas making the School of Arts and Humanities alive with performances, exhibitions and productions.  These kinds of experiences provide the proficiencies that employers are seeking in numerous and varied fields. Perform, think critically and excel in the School of Arts and Humanities.